The Geek Awakens

On Wednesday I was asked a question by our Senior Regional Pastor, “So what makes Star Wars so appealing to you?” As I prepare to see The Force Awakens 1 I find this a particularly interesting question to tackle.

Why, even after Jar Jar and the infamous “sand conversation,” do I still flock to Star Wars? What is it about this universe which I find so appealing?

As best as I can figure, it’s because Star Wars was the first moment of American Culture where my friends and I became infatuated with the same story. Even before we all had the action figures and toys we were all taking wiffle ball bats and having lightsaber fights. We argued over who was Darth Vader 2, what powers The Force Could give us, and how we could re-enact the bridge scene on a swing-set.

Star Wars is the shared cultural myth for my generation. So much so that when I saw the Millennium Falcon in this teaser this morning I jumped up and down like an excited child on Christmas morning 3.

Tonight we get to go back and visit a terrific universe. I am ecstatic.

  1. Note to my readers, I wrote this piece about 9 hours before I saw the movie. 
  2. For the record, I don’t recall ever wanting to be him. I wanted to be the overmatched good guy, even at a young age. Also, Darth Vader scared the daylights out of me. 
  3. This is even after having seen the trailer probably close to a hundred times. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    Could it be that “star wars” stirs your imagination?

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