The Rules of Star Wars

Thursday night I got to see The Force Awakens. My son went along and said, “I can’t believe in in the theater for a new Star Wars film, I’ve waited my whole life for this!” That may have been worth the late night, just of that. Thankfully, I got to enjoy a dang entertaining film 1.

After the movie everyone in our group agreed the movie is very good. We also came to a painful realization, “We can’t talk about this anywhere.” 2

This realization lead to the creation of the comic below.


The first rule of Star Wars Episode 7, "You can't talk about Star Wars Episode 7." The second rult is, "You must see episode 7."

  1. Which I’ll be seeing it again on Monday. 
  2. Because of the nature of the film I’m not going to divulge any spoilers, even with a warning, for a week and a half. After that anything is fair game.