Back in December I experimented with wearing a Pebble smart watch. I hated it.

It so happens, however, that I am a dunce when it comes to wearing practical accessories.

43 years on the planet and no one has ever told me you’re supposed to wear a watch on the non-dominant wrist. I blame right-handers.

After seeing my left-handed neighbor wearing her new AppleWatch on her right wrist, however, I figured out my decades-long error and determined to make second attempt.

Yup, I re-borrowed my neighbor’s Pebble Steel.

For the last few days I’ve actually managed wear the watch and it didn’t get on my nerves. It did occasionally feel awkward on my wrist, but not in a way which made me rip it off. As a bonus, the the weather has finally turned colder and I find myself wearing long sleeves. This means I’ve even been able to type without removing the device. It’s a bit awkward, but not impossibly so.

So, I’m wearing the watch and not hating it. The only problem is I’m still not quite seeing the point. About the only time of day when I see any significant utility with the device is when I’m listening to Pandora while driving. I can tell the app which songs I like through the watch, and because this is done through tactile buttons I don’t have to stop before I do so. For everything else, however, the benefit doesn’t seem to outweigh the cost.

Perhaps with a watch that is more fully integrated with my phone I might feel different. But I’m not seeing it. After three days I’ve not had anything close to an “ah ha!” moment 1. I’ll continue the experiment for a few more days, but right now the wearable realm seems like an emerging market looking for a reason to exist.

  1. Though the sliding text watch face is kinda cool. 

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