Experiment’s End

After an abortive attempt at trying out a smart watch, I decided to try again 1. It went better, but I still failed to see the point of wearable smart devices. This week, the experiment pretty much came to an end.

I wanted to try and use the Pebble to control my Keynote slides during worship this past Sunday, but it didn’t work out. The Pebble’s hardware buttons make it an ideal presentation remote, but in my set up there is a bit of a snag. I record my sermons on to my iPhone, which means I put my phone into airplane mode. As I prepared to preach the Pebble worked wonderfully as a remote, but once I got set up for worship the connection was lost, and it took me a bit to realize why. The Pebble isn’t an independent device, without my phone it’s pretty much a supped up dumb-watch.

While this was disappointing, I still wanted to experiment more with the Pebble while I was driving. The ability to control Pandora from my wrist with physical buttons was a tantalizing thought.

And then I forgot to put the watch on in the morning. “No problem,” I thought. “I’ll just take a day off and try it tomorrow.”

I’ve never put the watch back on, and I haven’t missed it. Experiment over.

I do like the idea of a smart watch and, as I’ve said throughout this experiment, I might be more prone to finding a legitimate use for an Apple Watch on iOS 2. I simply can’t see paying that much for something I find to be extremely limited in value. Bring the price down to under $200 and I’d consider it, but until then I’ll be happy with my phone.

But at least I didn’t feel like ripping it off my wrist.

  1. I figured I’d try wearing a watch on the correct wrist. I can be fairly clueless. 
  2. The idea Pebble’s are more useful on Android, because of the nature of the OS, is a universal review point. 

2 Thoughts

    1. This is true. Though when the Pebble Time, which is significantly less expensive than an Apple Watch, works more fully with the iPhone on T-Mobile’s system it may be more tempting to try again.

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