Shovel Party


As I made clear in my post yesterday, I am not “a snow guy.” The white stuff can all drop where people enjoy it, I like green too much.

On the other hand, I do love it when a Christian congregation functions the way it should, and snow clearing is one way a church can demonstrate this.

Worship was cancelled this morning, but our property circle put out a call to have people come and help clear the church property in the morning around 9 AM. And people came.

People came. They came even though they had to walk to get here, as our lot was not yet plowed. They came even though many of them had shoveled their own drives and helped out their neighbors. They came even though one of them had never seen snow before.

The pastor of IBC, the Brazilian Baptist congregation which part of Central Baptist, had literally never seen a snow storm before. But he was there, and he brought friends from the Church 1. He’s pictured on the right below.

Pastor Ronnie and myself

When you have over a dozen people helping to shovel, and two snow blowers 2, the work of moving snow almost becomes enjoyable. When you are with people you care about and enjoy, it becomes a blessing. These are good folk here.

  1. He also got to do something he’d been hoping to do for weeks. He got to throw a snowball at me. 
  2. It turns out the snow blower was having a difficult time yesterday because one of the sheer pins had snapped. Only half the augur was turning!