Around 6 PM Saturday evening I received a text from one of my neighbors, “What are you doing?”

I was in PJ’s and set up in front of a fire, but I texted back, “What are you doing?” He invited my wife and I to a game night.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, and also wasn’t certain my wife would want to venture out, but in the end we decided it would be a good time. So we bundled up and headed next door. Other neighbors were also called, and soon we had a nice “blizzard party” going on.  When I suggested we call another neighbor over, as he’d suggested such a party earlier in the week, our host picked up the phone and proceeded to have the following conversation.

“Hey, it’s <hostname>. I need you and <wifename> to come right over.”

Brief pause.

“Yah, come to the back door. Yes, I need you right now. Thanks.”

Our host hung up and looked over at us.

“He’s coming,” is all he said 1.

We played games 2, laughed a whole lot, ate some excellent cheddar, and sampled some beverages. By the end of the night my throat was sore from laughing so much. During a weekend where “cabin fever” really could become a thing, it was great to get together with some great people and have a terrific time.

  1. Have I mentioned that my block is populated by the wonderfully weird? 
  2. One of which was cards against humanity, which is both very funny and extremely disturbing. Not really recommended, but at least I can say I’ve played it. 

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  1. nikkiana says:

    Blizzard parties are the best. I had one this weekend with some friends from the neighborhood and we ended up going outside and making snow angels in the park.

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