As I write this its currently 5:02 PM Easter Sunday and I’ve been on vacation for just about five hours. Easter worship was wonderful, even if I got up over two hours before dawn 1 and got to church to discover a stomach bug is running through the congregation 2. But it was time for a break, and now it has come.

Its funny, when people hear you are taking vacation their first question is “where are you going?” I guess it’s because our culture tends to associate “vacation” with “trip.” We even invented a term to specify a vacation which doesn’t include a massive trip, a “staycation.” I think we gave these vacations another name because our psyche has been geared to think staying home couldn’t possibly be a real vacation.

So I guess I’d better describe this break as “sabbath.” I have been doing many really wonderful things, but it’s simply time to take a break. The truth is a vacation, in the American sense of the word, sounds way too much like work.

So my plan is this. I am going to sleep without an alarm and not feel guilty about it. When I wake up I will make coffee and drink it slowly. When I feel like getting “ready for the day,” I will. I’ll probably bring my camera to a couple of parks [^Photo] and capture the emerging Spring. Maybe the family will hit a historical site or two, but I’ve got no plans. Plans are too much like work. I am however, scheduled to see Batman vs. Superman tomorrow night. Some things just need to be done.

Right now, I think I may take a nap. I love rest.

  1. To which my Orthodox friends, no doubt, scoff and declare me a lightweight (they stay up in Vigil). 
  2. So we passed the “fist bump of peace” this morning. We are a strange people. 


  1. Jamison says:

    I think many people think of vacation as being away from home because often when we stay home we end up not resting as much as we should, but finding all kinds of little projects that we’ve been putting off. So sometimes staying home ends up being more work than restful.

    1. wezlo says:

      Yup, I understand. For me, traveling is typically more stressful.

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