Post 1000

It’s difficult to believe my first post on this blog was on March 28, 2008 – over eight years ago! I’ve not always been a frequent poster – in fact, in 2014 only seven entries were added – but even in my slowest times I’ve looked to writing as a primary means of self-expression.

Sometimes I’ve written to critique the spiritual tribe to which I belong. There were posts which highlight the dead-end nature of spiritual fads, and ones which critique the way people of my vocation are educated. Through these posts I’ve always strived to reinforce my connection to the larger body of Christ.

I’ve also had fun here, even going so far as to imagine myself as a role-playing character. I’m now over forty years old, but playfulness remains a huge part of my soul.

Since January 1, 2015 I’ve blogged each and every day 1. It began as a personal experiment, and has become one of my favorite spiritual disciplines. It even spurred me to write a novel in serial form. Without Painfully Hopeful we would have never met Jeremy, Ama, and Walter – and for that alone I’m thankful.

Who knows what the future holds? Creativity is a lot like the picture posted below. From the outside it’s mysterious, beautiful, and even a bit intimidating. In the midst of pursuing a creative impulse everything becomes messy, powerful, and perhaps even a bit dangerous. That’s the joy of creative pursuits, they are both unpredictable and invigorating.

I think, however, I might take tomorrow off. A thousand posts is something I may want to ponder for a day before beginning the next journey here at Painfully Hopeful.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

rain storm on the other side of the Delaware

  1. Actually, I think I have missed one day in 2016 thus far. But I posted extras in 2015 so it all evens out. 

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  1. Thanks for the invitation to take the journey with Jeremy and friends and you. I have enjoyed every post. It has challenged me to express my self creatively..again thanks.

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