Down the shore

I’m not much of a “beach person.” I love body-surfing waves and reading for a few hours, but the idea of sitting out in the sand all day while the Sun beats down is not my idea of a good time 1. On the other hand, I love the Jersey Shore. It’s sounds, smells, and feel trigger so many memories I find myself lost in thought the moment I catch the scent of the ocean.

For folks from Philly, going down the shore is more than the beach. When I was growing up it meant skeeball, awesome pizza, hitting the arcade, the greatest candy stores in existence, sticky buns every morning for breakfast, rooftop miniature golf, salt-water taffy, and evenings on the boardwalk. The Jersey Shore is an experience2.

And I’ve got my flip flops ready to go.


  1. Though if volleyball is part of the package, I’m staying. 
  2. Which now has a tarnished image thanks to a bunch of drunken New Yorkers and MTV. 

One thought

  1. I would love the shore if it didn’t have all that sand.sand in my teeth. Sand in between my toes. Sand in my shoes. I can’t eat with out the grit in my food. If I go its to watch the kids. No, I do not enjoy the shore. I like to explore the woods, like the pine barrens.

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