Valley Green


During my childhood one of my favorite places on earth was Valley Green. Here the Wissahikon Creek has cut a rift in Philadelphia – leaving a beautiful preserve to be enjoyed by all. Descending the road down to the main parking area was always a huge thrill, and the sight of the Valley Green Inn at the bottom was the herald of good times to come. There were ducks to feed, covered bridges to explore, rocks to climb, and old stonework to be marveled at.

Ever since I first began using a DSLR I’ve wanted to go back to the valley and capture my memories with my camera. It took a while, but last night my friend and I drove over in the evening, hoping to have enough light to do some shooting. Fortunately, we did.

It’s difficult to describe how I felt as I descended Valley Green Road for the first time in years. The little kid in my was jumping for joy, and my anticipation grew as I crossed the narrow bridge over the Wissahikon and turned the corner to see the Inn – just as it’s always been.

The picture below is the iconic image of the Valley Green Inn, forever etched in my memory. My grandparents had a lampshade with the inn on it, from this very angle. My other Valley Green photos can been seen on Flickr.

Valley Green Inn