Reverse Schedule


This morning was a bit unusual for me. On Thursdays I typically start out by playing taxi for my wife and kids as they get off to work/school 1, then I come home to shower. Once I’m “presentable” I sit down to work on my sermon. In the afternoon, then, I’ll typically make some pastoral phone calls and maybe walk for a pastoral visit or two 2.

This morning, however, I woke up to my wife saying, “Ugh, it’s going to rain all day.” It threw a bit of a wrench in my normal routine.

Instead of playing taxi and immediately hopping in the shower, I looked at the radar and realized I might have an hour or so to go out for a walk before the main rain front hit. So I parked my car, grabbed my camera, and headed out. I abbreviated my walk a bit, only hitting 2.82 miles instead of the 3+ I typically like, but with the rain creeping in I really didn’t want to risk begin caught in a deluge 3.

Because it was likely I wouldn’t be able to head out for a walk on pastoral visits later, I decided I’d pop into Riverview Estates and say “Good morning” to the folks down there 4. It was fun how most people didn’t recognize me while I was wearing my beat-up “exercise” baseball hat. I got to share some smiles, give some encouragement, and generally just be present. It’s amazing what a different a few minutes of presence can make in people’s lives.

With my unscheduled pastoral visits completed, I headed home, and arrived just as the rain was beginning to fall. Aside from the exercise I got, it was a wonderful way to clear my head. Except from my stop at Riverview, I probably said less then 20 words for the better part of an hour. Instead, I listened and watched. I appreciated the world around me, and took some photos of God’s Creation.

All in all, this “reverse schedule” was highly unproductive. I managed to complete my sermon notes, but haven’t even begun my manuscript 5. But spiritually it was a great blessing. I don’t like to speak much when I pray, probably because I don’t like to speak much at all, but I do love and crave times where I can become lost in the blessed silence of God. As a Christian, as I silently appreciate the beauty of Fall, even on a somber cloudy Thursday, I’m reinvigorated with the declaration which binds all Jesus’ followers together.

Jesus Christ is Lord.

  1. Technically, they all go to school since my wife is a teacher. 
  2. Or ten if I wander toward the local retirement home. 
  3. Also, I there is a limited amount of time in the morning where I can deal with the feeling of “morning scuzziness.” 
  4. Also, bathroom stop. 
  5. I’m normally finished my first draft by Lunch on Thursday. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    I was good seeing my pastor in his walking attire

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