A Comic Thought


Goodbye 2016, make sure to let the door hit you on the way out.
I was not going to do one of these posts, but eventually I just had to.

2016 was, indeed, a mess. The politics of my native country sunk into the realm of reality TV, more icons from my childhood died than I care to admit, and people all around me pretty much seemed to give up hope, and the nations of the world seem be re-approaching the idea all-out war might be a good thing.

We also Lost Carrie Fisher, who was no so much an icon of my youth as she was part of our cultural canon. She will be missed.

But to top it all off, 2016’s final shot was to send around a social media post re-killing actor Bob Denver 1, who really died in 2005. This last move removes any lingering doubts I had about 2016’s true nature. It was evil and had it out for humanity. Good riddance 2.

New Year’s is not a Christian holiday, so I’ve never made it part of my religious practice as either a lay-person or pastor 3. But I do find it useful for doing a general re-set on what I’m about as I approach the new calendar year 4. So, this year, I’m committing myself to a few things.

I’m committing myself to not playing the whole “reality TV” thing out with President 5 Trump. He wants people to be pissed at him, he likes it, so do his followers. I’m not playing along. His tweets can stay in the ether, I’ll pay attention to what he does and voice my opposition to that when I deem appropriate 6. But I’m not playing social media games with a class-A manipulator.

I’m committing myself to growing as a police chaplain. With all that goes on in the world, these folks need positive outlets for stress, as do the people they encounter in the course of their work. I live in a small town and this is one small thing I can do to help everyone.

I’m committing to continue this blog. It’s part of my retinue of spiritual disciplines now 7 and it’s not something I feel compelled to stop 8

I’m committing to serving Central Baptist and striving to fulfill my calling to help it be a healthy and vibrant community of faith.

I’m committing to my work at ABCNJ. There’s videos to be made.

These are some of the positive things I’m taking with me into 2017 9. And if 2016 got a swift kick in the rear on it’s way out, so much the better.

  1. AKA “Gilligan.” 
  2. Yes, I know, “It’s an arbitrary span of time, get over it… yada… yada… yada.” I’m sticking my tongue out at you right now. 
  3. It’s fine if people want to make the recognition of the new year part of their religious discipline. Just as long as we remember it’s not actually one of our high holy days. 
  4. In actuality, this is partly what Advent, which begins the Church year, is supposed to be about. We lost that idea when adopted secular Christmas in it’s place. 
  5. I just threw up in my mouth a bit. 
  6. Which, given the makeup of his cabinet, will probably be “often.” 
  7. Even the posts on geeky software tools. 
  8. In fact, I’m hoping one of my friends will start his own “Fiction Tuesday.” 
  9. I could be a “proper” person and list a whole bunch of stuff about committing myself to my wife and kids, but really that’s between us. So there. 


  1. Peg Horton says:

    What about commitment to every first Thursday of each month?

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    1. wezlo says:

      Yes dear, I’ll be there.

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