A look into my head

I’m a regular in a podcast called “Theotek” and was recently profiled in a “get to know the team” interview.

The video is embedded below, and to help with viewing I’ve listed some points of interest in the conversation. If you watch only one segment I encourage you to jump to around 32:17. At that point I speak of the relationship between Central Baptist Church and our Brazilian family, IBC.

Some particular points of interest

04:38: Have I always been a nerd? (Yes)

07:40: Why I like *NIX operating systems.

12:30: How I got into layout/design.

17:07: What I do for ABCNJ.

18:45: Bible Software, and why I use Accordance.

24:35: I discuss my move to an “iPad first” workflow.

30:50: I talk about how a church with a wide range of political and theological views can function.

32:17: I speak about the pastor of the Brazilian part of Central’s family, and the nature of the relationship between our two congregations.

38:28: I talk about my photography hobby.

47:38: What’s my favorite song?

48:30: Favorite movie, and a short discussion on Arrival.

51:46: Favorite book (I cheat and give two series).

52:50: One tech product I love.

53:14: A tech product I hate.

54:20: On tech product I really want.