A pastor is a public figure.

This is an aspect of the calling with which I’ve never felt comfortable, but as I’ve grown older 1 it is something with which I’ve come to terms.

So when Habitat For Humanity reached out to local clergy to participate in a dedication I swallowed my introverted aversion and called back.

A packed Habitat house

And so I ended up in a brand new house in the most terrifying situation an introvert can face. A house filled 2 with people I didn’t know, all making small talk.

But, even with my nerves frayed and my psyche convinced I looked like an idiot, it was a pleasure to be involved. The family, which is now part of our town, was wonderful. And the volunteers and staff which were present had an obvious joy at seeing their work come to fruition.

There may be two more Habitat houses coming to town. It is a terrific addition to our town.

The new owners receive symbolic gifts

  1. Up? 
  2. And I mean filled. I’ve never been to a house dedication before, so I had no idea what to expect. Wow.