Old School


Donkey Kong MachineThe other day my wife and I stopped in at Rocket Fizz to pick up some classic sodas as a treat. When we entered the store I was greeted with one of the most wonderful sites, a working Donkey Kong arcade machine!

I don’t know what it is about this machine, but Donkey Kong is the game which is most prominent in my childhood memories of the arcade in Avalon, NJ 1. Upon seeing this machine in the corner I could hear the sounds that old arcade, and the distinctive effects of that battle between Mario and his nemesis. I remember the sound of Mario’s walk, and how I marveled at the animation of his walk and how you could stop him in so many different positions.

I was never very good at the game as a child, but I’ll always remember he question, “How high can you get?”

  1. That, and the sound of old-school skee-ball.