Partially Eclipsed


The big day came, and I am so glad I made the decision to be ready for the eclipse! I wasn’t able to do a time lapse, but I’m ecstatic at the the photos I was able to capture.

It almost didn’t happen. Around Noon a massive cloud bank rolled in and covered the sky. I thought all my preparations have gone for nought but just after the eclipse began I glanced out my window 1 and spotted some breaks where blue sky was peaking through. I ran to fetch my eclipse glasses and headed outside. The clouds broke and there it was.

The partial eclipse at it's maximum coverage for my area.
I ran back inside and shouted for everyone to come down and look. While my family prepared their own glasses I fetched my camera and, with the help of my wife, covered my 55-300mm lens with the solar filter sheet I’d purchased off Amazon. I set up my tripod and remote router, and got the Sun in frame. It was glorious. The clouds often blocked our view of the event, but several times they added some feature to my field of view. Later in the even the Sun even caused the clouds to glow right at the moment I activated my trigger. It was amazing.

To see the glowing clouds, as well as my other eclipse images, check out my Smugmug Gallery.

  1. Not up at the eclipse. 


  1. Would you know it, but we had total cloud cover that day. As a friend said: only in Wisconsin would the weather ruin an act of God. 🙂

    1. wezlo says:


    2. Eh, not a total loss. I had already been lectured by my Polish grandmother-in-law about how dangerous it was, and not to let the kids look at the sun. And no, the kids would not have been patient with glasses, so I wasn’t going to let them out anyway, but I tried to joke that SHE can’t look at the sun, either. “I never do. I hate it!” she said. So maybe I’m related to a vampire…. 😉

    3. wezlo says:


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