Sunset Time Lapse


Today is the day of the eclipse! I’m still uncertain how I want to photograph the event. Indeed, even though I purchased my eclipse glasses from B&H Photo 1 I’m not even certain I want to trust them. Profiteers have done a huge disservice to those who wanted to enjoy this marvelous event by filling people’s minds with FUD. I am probably going to take some stills of the event using the solar film sheet I acquired, but given tracking issues I won’t be able to take a time lapse.

I do, however, still want to explore time-lapse photography, and have continued my experiments. Yesterday, I headed down to the river and and captured the sunset. I messed up my settings, so there’s a good deal of flicker. I also need to begin making more time to explore this technique. It takes hours to create a time-lapse of any decent length. Still, even these few second videos are compelling enough to keep my experiments going.

  1. B&H Photo does not sell third-rate junk from profiteers. They are good folk. 


    1. wezlo says:


    2. simonjkyte says:

      was amazing being there – i got a lift back to salzburg from some people from barcelona I met up there too

    3. wezlo says:

      Neat. I’m in the partial zone, so it won’t be as cool as a total, but I am still excited.

  1. Peg Horton says:

    You told me once,”keep working at it, you’ll get it right” so keep working.

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