Fairy Tales

This past Tuesday I wrote the climax of my second novel. I don’t know if anyone, beyond my blog readers, will ever read either of my novels. But it has been a joy to write both. Completing a novel has been on my bucket list since I was a teen, but I was never certain I’d get around to it. Now I’ve “gotten around to it” twice 1. This blows my mind.

I’ll finish up my blog draft of In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes toward the end of September, and after that I will have to take a break from writing new fiction for Tuesdays. Since I can only devote one day a week to writing fiction, it’s been difficult finding the time I need to both pour back through Welcome To The Valleys so I can both prepare the story for release as an eBook and map out its sequel. I do have a general plot the second story in The Valleys mapped out in my head, but it’s going to be a much more complex tale than my previous efforts. I need to map it out in Aeon Timeline so I can keep everything straight 2. I’m also musing over my third setting, The Parallel — but it’s still in its infancy. Being able to devote only one day a week to fiction writing is difficult, there’s so much I want to do but “real life” keeps getting in the way 3! I hate to take a break because I enjoy Fiction Tuesday, but if I don’t I’m afraid I’ll never get these stories polished up.

I am honored by those who have chosen to take these journeys with me. I’m also humbled some real writers 4 have come along as well. Your presence blows my mind, thank you.

Onward and upward!

  1. Almost, that is, Penny Gnomes has a bit more to go. 
  2. And Scrivener 3’s new colored label sort is going to make mapping complex story arcs even more simple. I can’t wait! 
  3. I’ve also got some non-fictions ideas on communication I want to pursue, but I need to find the time to research it. Oh for a sabbatical. 
  4. Who have published actual books. 


  1. Peg Horton says:

    You can have a sabbatical ,as long as you promise to come back being my pastor.

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  2. Jamison says:

    Very impressed that you’ve been able to do this. Very impressed.

    1. wezlo says:

      You get some credit. It was you who got me into the daily blogging thing.

  3. Oh how exciting! Congratulations, Friend! 🙂

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