PHSFEE For The Future

Saturday night the Palmyra High School Foundation for Educational Excellence, or PHSFEE for short, held its first “big splash” fundraiser. I’m still waiting on numbers but the evening was a success by all accounts, and the funds will go toward the purchase of new lab equipment for the High School. Even more important is what PHSFEE points toward — a new movement of civic engagement with, as well as pride in, Palmyra High School. As someone who both married to a teacher and relishes learning, I’m encouraged by PHSFEE’s existence. Education, the instilling of a love of exploration, discovery, and insight — tempered by wisdom — is a key to life. And PHSFEE is there to support our students as they turn that key and open the door to a wondrous future. My favorite image is below. To see some more photos of the night, please visit my SmugMug Gallery.

Shooting Craps to support education