A Walk of Hope

This Summer some sobering news was shared with my family. One of my cousins had been diagnosed with ALS.

I was so impressed with the way my cousins’ immediate family responded. They took some time to process before sharing the news with our extended family, and when they did it came with an invitation, “There’s an ALS walk at Ocean City on September 16. We’re going to be there and would love to have any of our family members to come and join us.”

When I first got the news of the diagnosis I responded by assuring my cousin’s wife that the family would be there for them. “We maybe strange, but we’re loyal.” We got to show that loyalty on Saturday. Around 70 of my cousin’s friends and extended family showed up in Ocean City to show support and raise money. Altogether, we raised $19,553 dollars.

I am very proud of my family. My favorite photo from the day is below. To see the rest of the photos from my day, check out my Smugmug gallery. Let’s work to see this scourge be eradicated.

Brad's Boardwalk Bunch

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