Unpacking All Aboard!

The journey home has begun! Let’s unpack.

The Scene

I hadn’t planned to write this scene in the train station, but I needed a way for Sindy to make an appearance as Sovereign, even if it was abbreviated. I’d have liked to explore more of what The Realm is like, now that Sindy is Sovereign, but this was always Jeremy’s story and that’s not part of his tale.

Since Sindy appeared, I figured I might as well allow the three IBI Agents to also get a curtain call as well. Sills is now head of Sindy’s security detail, and she got Grimby and Fineflin their new role with the press corps. I wish I had the time to flesh out Fineflin a bit more, he’s an under-used character, but if I ever go back to The Realm I think these two will be the point of view characters for the story. There’s something about the two which I find appealing.

Sindy’s Letter

I’ve been pondering how to get Jeremy back into No Entry so he can travel home. The Realm may be at peace, and a new Sovereign is on the throne, but the Gnomes remain xenophobic. Sindy’s letter solved that problem.

Her cousin once scribbled over one of her school master-pieces because Sindy wouldn’t pour him a glass of soda. She yelled at him so much he was frightened to be in a room with her for the next four years. The two have a better relationship now, but that’s because Mike knows his place.

Nobody’s Insight

Before Bug managed to get on the train the Professor had, indeed, begun sketching out notes for a new commercial product, “The Family Terror.” Bug confiscated the design and then asked about a button he spied on the wall and Nobody never thought of it again, but Bug turned it into a movie. He used the residuals to fund Nobody’s many startups.

The Throne

Did anyone notice the name change?