Another Recovery

On my Wednesday trip to my old college stomping grounds I captured a few images which suffered from terrible back lighting. The Sun was at a severe angle, and it was getting in the way of how I wanted to frame some of my pictures.

Rather than give up and pursue other subjects, however, I decided to capture the information as best as I could on camera. I figured I might be able to salvage the images in Lightroom during post-processing. It turns out, I was correct.

Here is the photo as it was taken on the camera, the only adjustment is an automatic lens correction. As you can see, the building is silhouetted by the strong sunlight, and the sky is washed out with very little definition.

Backlit Church - the sky is washed out and the building is all in shadow.
After two separate brush filters on Lr Mobile, however, things have much improved. The building’s details have been brought out by increasing the exposure and shadows. The definition and colors of the sky are also much more pleasing, but because of opposing adjustments — the exposure has been lowered, the highlights, deepened. Photo recoveries like this even more appreciative for the powerful combination of RAW photography, Lightroom, and the Apple Pencil.

Post Adjustments - the building details have been brought out and the sky has been made more pleasant.
Nikon D7000 with 40 mm lens • ISO 400 • ƒ/8 • 1/8000 sec