Frosty Leaf

After dropping my wife off at school the other day I stopped to marvel at the first frost of the season. I clutched the ground, and was creating some marvelous patterns on the piles of fallen Autumn leaves. Thanks to the urging of a neighbor 1 I already had a lens on my camera, so I picked up my Nikon and headed out into the frosty air to capture some photos 2.

My favorite image from this exploration is below. A single frosted leaf, clinging to a last moment beauty long after its Fall glory has faded to brown.

A frost-covered leaf
Nikon D7000 with 40mm lens • ISO 800 • ƒ4.5 • 1/160 sec

  1. More on that tomorrow. 
  2. Photography is a bit like Pokémon, you really gotta “catch ‘em all.” 

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  1. What a color contrast! Lovely capture, my friend. 🙂

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