In Motion


I’ve had Apple’s Motion application for a couple of years, but really haven’t done all that much with it. I enjoy what I’m able to accomplish with it’s tool-set, but I’m so often juggling so many balls in the air that keeping my skills sharpened seems like a luxury I don’t have.

My G7 has re-inspired me to play with video, however, so I was wondering if I shouldn’t work on creating an intro video for my youtube stuff. I’ve been pondering the general idea for a while, and this evening I decided to sit down and see if it was possible to make it a reality.

It turns out, I could.

The gallery below shows the general flow of the video 1. The camera travels between two rows of photos 2, after which the title appears. Finally a nice comic button of my ugly face shows up. It works well in practice and I hope I find some more occasions to work with it’s format as the year rolls on.

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  1. I’ll have to post something on YouTube for folks to see it in action. 
  2. I just used whatever I had saved in my pictures file as a demonstration.