Return To The Old Barn

The weather dipped back down to a more seasonable temperature on Wednesday, but not so much that the Fall-like skies were replaced once more with Winter grey. I had to take a different route home from ABCNJ’s office, which led me past an old barn standing in a park I visited back in September. I decided to pull into the parking lot and see if I could get any different looks.

The sky was beautiful, filled with fluffs of white cloud against a clear blue sky. The Sun was at a good angle to cast the structure in a distinct light, which helped create a good mood. I circled the structure with my camera, allowing me to capture some angles that were impossible back when the surrounding vegetation was still growing. My favorite is below, but all the photos from my short detour can be found on my Adobe Portfolio.

An Old Barn in Moorestown, NJ
Panasonic Lumix G7 with 14-42mm lens • 14mm • ISO 200 • ƒ/8.0 • 1/320 sec