Across The River

The Philly area’s unseasonable weather continued on Tuesday, pushing temperatures up to the low 60’s. The day began with some rather hard rain, but by the time I was driving home the Sun had come out. It felt like a perfect October day rather than the end of January, and I loved it.

On the way home I decided to stop off in the town of Delanco to capture some photos of the river. I visited this town a couple of weeks back, and at that time the river was iced almost all the way over. What a difference a few days makes!

Looking across the Delaware River
Panasonic Lumix G7 with 14-42mm lens • 42mm • ISO 400 • ƒ/8.0 • 1/640 sec

My favorite part of this photoshoot, however, was not the act of taking the photos themselves. It was, rather, the conversation I had with an older gentleman who was sitting in his car enjoying the unseasonable warmth. He asked me about my photos, and then proceeded to share some of the pictures he’s taken in Delanco over the years. It was neat to hear the pride this gentleman had for his home town, and the joy with which he shared his old photographs. I was glad to share that moment with him, and I hope I bump into him some time in the future. Delanco’s riverfront is beautiful, and when warmer weather arrives in force I may have to walk its length a few times to capture its character.