Game Day


Today is the day. For two weeks the Philly area has been winding up for a party because there is only one game left in the NFL season.

And we’re playing in it.

It’s a lot of fun around here when our teams are playing well. It’s insane when they wind up playing for the title. When the Phillies broke our championship drought 1 in 2008 the region was ecstatic, and that vibe carried on though the winter months. If the Eagles manage to win tonight I don’t think there’s a sociological study that’s been done which could predict what will happen. And I do not mean, “Those dirty Eagles fans will burn their own city to the ground.” I’m weary of that lazy narrative. I mean it’ll be a sports celebration unlike anything anyone has ever seen. If you combine Mardi Gras, Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and a World Cup Championship celebration you might approach the explosion of joy felt in the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area. And if we lose? Well, we’ve had plenty of experience with that too. We’ll start looking forward to OTA’s in a week or two. We’re resilient that way 2.

Tonight I’ll have a few neighbors over for the game. We’ll eat some good food, laugh at the commercials 3, ignore the half-time show, and root for the Eagles.

Go Birds.

  1. The dreaded Curse of William Penn. 
  2. And that’s not hedging. I think the Eagles pull this off. It’s just to point out if we do happen to lose, don’t expect the city to burn down. Again, I’m fed up with the lazy narrative. 
  3. I hope.