A word for the day


I thought I’d use today’s blog to show off one of iOS Keynote’s newest features, pencil support. This allows annotations to be made right on to a slide, which is expected. What is not as expected is Keynote keeps track of how those annotations are made, so they can be animated to appear as if they were being drawn. It’s pretty slick.

There are some limitations. Right now all the annotations on a slide are treated as one element, so there’s no way to create multiple hand-drawn elements on the same slide. This can be worked around with some ease, but it would still be nice to designate annotation groups on a slide.

I recorded this though iOS’s screen recording feature, and marks the first time I’ve posted a video to the blog via videopress. So that’s cool.

As this is a special day for those of my faith, the video shares the incredible declaration which reverberates though the empty tomb.



  1. Hope your Easter was kind and quiet. Not too many quiet days left! πŸ˜‰

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