A Distinct View

The landing which serves as the boathouse for the Riverton Yacht Club 1 was once a steam boat landing in early days of the town. It’s one of the more iconic sites along the river in these parts, and makes a fantastic subject for photography. I’ve captured this structure at night, as the Sun sets, on foggy days when it’s mood turns somber, and under the bright light of day. Until two days ago I’d never seen it under these lighting conditions.

The Sun was low on the horizon, but not to the point where the oranges of sunset had begun to stretch across the river. The sky was blue, with a tinge of haze caused by humidity, and the light was crisp. It hit the world hard, causing deep shadows which created a natural contrast. The effect wasn’t harsh, but it was distinct.

I love the way this photograph is framed. My only wish was that it had been a tad less breezy. The reflection off the river would have been beautiful.

Riverton Boathouse near sunset
Panasonic Lumix G7 with 25 mm lens • ISO 200 • ƒ/5.0 • 1/1000 sec

  1. It sounds more pretentious then it is.