One of the joys of having an infant is watching him discover his voice. Babies babble, it’s what they do 1. The best joy of watching Bump discover his voice is when he decides to babble at what would be an inappropriate time for an adult, but is cute for a baby. At the conclusion of the offertory prayer, for example.

This past Sunday the offering was received, and the gentleman who prays over the collection offered up a pretty standard prayer. He concluded with “Amen,” which is a pretty typical conclusion. This past week, however, Bump took the exact moment after the Amen to crow out something which sounded a lot like his own “Amen.” He was just babbling, of course, but wow was it funny. I even have video to prove it.

After the babble the church treasurer walked by me and whispered, “Speaking in tongues already?”

I love how weird Central is.

  1. And blow raspberries in your face. That’s a newer trick for Bump. 


  1. Baby raspberries are the best! Much nicer than six-year-old-boy rapsberries. Those are messy, as my glasses often show.

    1. wezlo says:

      Baby raspberries aren’t exactly “clean.”

    2. True. My boys just have a knack for getting their spit aaaaaall over my glasses, which drives me NUTS. More than boogers on the sleeve, even. 🙂

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