Going Fishy

Yesterday my neighbor, and fellow “shutter-hubby,” gave me an early birthday present – a Meke 6.5 mm f/2.0 fisheye lens. I’ve never owned a fisheye lens, so it’ll be pretty interesting to play with. I’ll be using it mostly for astrophotography, as this focal length will allow me to take up to thirty-eight second exposures of the night sky before the stars begin streaking. Thirty-eight seconds!

I took it out and played with it a small bit after worship this morning 1.It’s a pretty neat effect, I can’t wait to get out for some good night shots!

Ultra wide-angle of Central Baptist’s Sanctuary.
Panasonic G7 with Meke 6.5 mm fisheye lens • ISO 2500 • ƒ/2.0 • 1/60 sec

  1. Which was cold. Someone must have accidentally shut off the boiler switch so the heat wasn’t on. The sanctuary was 41 degrees when I headed over this morning. We moved to a smaller room because it heats up faster, but it started at 39 degrees! 

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