The Senseless Sign


Yesterday afternoon my wife and I took a stroll to the mailbox down the street from the church. As we approached our destination I looked up and saw this sign.

A “No Parking Here To Corner” - AT the corner, and on the wrong side of a two way street.
The senseless sign. Taken with my iPhone Xr.


There are two things about this sign which make no sense whatsoever. First, it’s literally on the corner. There’s no place for a vehicle to park between it and the corner. Second, this is a two way street. The sign is on the wrong side of the street. Whoops.

This street and curbs were redone on this block a few months ago 1 and I think this sign was just stuck back in the ground by someone who wasn’t paying any attention. So now it’s standing as a testimony to senseless instructions.

  1. And the crew did an excellent job.