A Short Meditation on Privilege


The meditation below is an excerpt from my sermon for April 14. If you’re interested in some context, read Philippians 2:5-11.

I’m not normal [cue laughter]. What I mean is, I’m a computer geek. I’m not a high level computer geek 1, but among “normal people” I might as well be a sorcerer. And there are times when I solve a particularly vexing problem when I think, “What do ‘normal people do 2?'” And among computer geeks that divide between them and “normal people” can lead to disdain. They are exalted, “normal people” are pesky annoyances that have to be sometimes tolerated 3. But if I’m a Christian I can’t take that attitude, instead, I have to use what I have in order to bless others. And yes, sometimes that will be a bit of low grade suffering 4. But that suffering is embraced in order in order to see others lifted up 5.

That’s a comical example, but it holds true for all of us. Whatever privilege we enjoy, which is not necessarily a bad thing, to follow Jesus we’ve got to let it go. Why? Because that’s what Jesus did when he took on our flesh, lived our lives, and then went to the cross on our behalf.

  1. I mean, I’ve compiled my own Linux Kernel, and some software. But I’m not a coder. If the highest level is 25, I’m probably a 10th level computer geek. It’s ok, but not ultra-powerful. But I digress, and none of this footnote appears in my sermon. 
  2. The answer is, “They call someone like me.” 
  3. PEBKAC. That’s also not in my sermon. 
  4. What do you mean you don’t know your password? 
  5. I’m happy you can use your email again. 


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