Random Thoughts #15


OK, it’s Wednesday. Random thoughts time.

  1. I wrote this list while live streaming to Facebook through my Mevo. Why? Why not? Maybe I’ll make it a regular “office hour” type thing.
  2. This week has been my, “enough already” week. I’m so done with this. I have no desire to rush back, but I want to experience quiet and space again.
  3. I just picked up Pale Rider, a book on the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. I’m most interested in the long term impact it had on society.
  4. I missed two scheduled weeks of vacation. This is catching up with me.
  5. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate. My second favorite is mint chocolate chip. I don’t understand people who like strawberry.
  6. Was “neapolitan sundae” created to get rid of strawberry ice cream?
  7. My favorite restaurant is opening up for take out this week. Sweetwater burgers. I will be partaking.
  8. After this week I will have two children over 18. And one who just turned two.
  9. I long for Williamsburg, VA.
  10. I am the worst dice roller in D&D history.
  11. I may be upgrading my MacBook in the near future. This could be a fun thing which will bring endless diversion and creative outlets during this insane period. Yay.