Random Thoughts #16


It’s Wednesday, random thoughts time!

  1. My favorite brown ale is “Old Stitch.” It’s delicious.
  2. Reading Pale Rider made me think the author had travelled three years into the future to source her book, but the playbook she describes has been in place for a while. I’ll write a review soon.
  3. Teenagers live in a dimension where dirty dishes don’t exist, and clean dishes awaiting their return to the cupboard are mere rumors.
  4. I am proud of my church council, they are handling this crisis really well.
  5. Affinity Publisher is one of the best applications I’ve ever used. The entire Affinity Suite is my favorite creative environment.
  6. What month is it?
  7. Bump is full-on talking. It’s wild. I forgot what that was like. I mean, we have a seventeen year gap between our middle and youngest child.
  8. I now have a swing arm for my Blue Snowball mic. I feel so fancy.
  9. I have a new MacBook coming soon. Didn’t get the 16 inch, though.
  10. Next week I will see some friends whom I have not seen in four years. From an appropriate distance, of course.