Random Thoughts #31


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. There are occasions when Bump will have a terrible evening and just needs to shut down and go to bed. One these occasions he tends to wake up crying around nine. He’ll snuggle for up to an hour before we can put him back in his crib. The melt downs are no fun, but those snuggles are pure joy.
  2. The populist conservative spike has no political ideology other than “own the libs.” It cannot be reasoned with.
  3. I have spent time pondering what I’d do if someone shows up to worship and attempts a non-violent take over of the service. In my doom-brain scenarios the usurper could be “conservative” or “progressive,” it doesn’t matter.
  4. We just got our joy cons back from Nintendo, so now I can grumble at Origami King on the big screen.
  5. I’m purchasing a brush set for fantasy map making today. So that’ll be fun.
  6. Our worship stream’s audio had terrible static last week. It didn’t seem to mic related, but this week I’ll be setting up the system and doing some recordings to see if I can reproduce it. If in the future, I need to remember headphones and do a camera check.
  7. I get annoyed when people post things like, “See, that pastor has a tax-exempt mansion. All churches need to be taxed!” Mostly I’m annoyed at the pastor who grifted their way in to the tax exempt mansion, but also at the people who fail to look around and see how most churches run on shoestrings.
  8. I tend to not trust “church-folk.” Too many confuse being frightened of their shadows with faith, and a great many I’ve met look at my gifts and intimate they have no value 1.
  9. It’s an awful era to be an extreme moderate 2. But I’ve concluded the ideological wings cannot really build because they need to annihilate their opposition, and thus make everyone like them, first. I’m just hoping to avoid an matter/anti-matter reaction long enough for righteousness to be tried.
  10. I wonder if this culture can’t deal with CoVid-19 because we have no idea how to grieve. Avoidance and Denial aren’t strategies conducive to actual living.

  1. Not an exaggeration. And pastors can be the worst. 
  2. Left leaning.