Random Thoughts #36

It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. Can someone explain to me how a government official encouraging people to prepare for an armed insurrection isn’t a fireable offense?
  2. Bumpism: “What that mean?” It means, “I do not recognize that sound, what is it?”
  3. I saw my parents yesterday for the first time since March.
  4. People who call other people and make death threats are bad humans.
  5. Bump is watching a Blippi video on YouTube and the character just said, “We should put some hot sauce on the pizza.” I am considering writing an angry letter 1.
  6. I love crisp Fall nights, even when they happen in Summer.
  7. I love how much Vimes changes over the course of the Discworld Watch novels.
  8. I have never run a Apple Operating System beta.
  9. I have a friend who lives in a county with a population of 6000, and the density is eight people per square mile. Palmyra has over 7000 residents in 2.54 square miles.
  10. This weekend I may rent the new Bill & Ted movie. My brain needs a nap.

  1. If you order a Buffalo Chicken Pizza wing sauce is expected. Otherwise. no.