Random Thoughts #48

Wednesday is for random thoughts!

  1. I always say anyone who works with digital production tech needs prepare for it ‘sploding 1 when it’s live. That happened to me two Sundays ago and it was most un-fun.
  2. I know I’m in need of a break when typical tasks become mentally exhausting. Writing sermons has wiped me out the last two weeks, but playing with Howlmark has been helpful. Yesterday I edited two videos and didn’t need to take a nap afterward. That’s progress.
  3. I got a new pair of progressives yesterday. I splurged for the higher end lenses so I can almost keep them on all the time, but for design work I still can’t stand having to move my head to bring parts fo the screen into focus. For writing, though, they might just work. I couldn’t say that about my old lenses.
  4. The day you eat the last apple for the year from your local orchard is a sad day.
  5. I’m so enjoying re-exploring D&D from a DM’s perspective. And now I’ll have people to play with 2!
  6. Bump is using first person pronouns. It started with “me,” and has progressed to “I.” He’ll still refer to himself in the third person more often than not, but it’s fun to watch his language expand.
  7. I was driving and missed an opportunity to capture an amazing sunset last night.
  8. Our church community and our neighbors have been helping us get through this insanity. What’s helping you cope?
  9. There will be oranges this Christmas.
  10. I wonder if I can create a local database for my D&D characters, and build in the ability to export them to JSON for use in Virtual Table Tops as needed. Even better, if I could figure out how to import JSON into the database… but that’s a long term project with lots of learning required.
  11. I had to pause this post to run outside and get some photos of the sky. It’ll be grey for the next couple of days, but just now it was stunning. I guess I know what I’ll be posting tomorrow.

  1. That’s a technical term. 
  2. I was a rather lonely youth.