Random Thoughts #51


New year, new random thoughts!

  1. We’ve hit a point where many Republicans seem to think little things like certified elections are mere suggestions.
  2. If you want to shepherd folks, the last thing you can afford to have is ego.
  3. Mental exercise is a lot like physical exercise. Whenever I expend mental energy, I’m wiped for a bit. But as I exercise my brain I gain deeper reserves.
  4. I translated Proverbs 1:1-7 yesterday. It feels like it runs over American Christianity, and then backs up over it a few times.
  5. Affinity Publisher is amazing. I just need footnotes to be implemented to make it perfect.
  6. There few things as wonderful as picking up a young child and having them snuggle into a hug.
  7. The thought found in number four will not be how I’m preaching Proverbs 1:1-7 on Sunday.
  8. I’m pondering laying out Howlmark as an old-school module and sticking it up for Print on Demand. Because it would stretch my skills in Affinity Publisher and, why not?
  9. During vacation, with one exception, I woke up every day around 4:45 AM. This morning I slept through my alarm.
  10. I’m pondering a YouTube series on the various tools out there for Virtual Table Tops and world-building. That would be fun.
  11. I still have a sequel to Meditative Fiction in the works.