Random Thoughts #59

It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts.

  1. I’m doing a free week of MLB.tv streaming just so I can watch Spring Training baseball. I may pay for the month.
  2. There are few minor wounds to the soul as crushing as coming down in the morning and seeing the sink piled with dishes, when you know you had them all done the night before.
  3. The Monday Murder Hobos completed Howlmark. That was fun. The rogue has made friends with a Bugbear who is rethinking his life decisions 1.
  4. So CPAC had a literal golden idol. Great.
  5. Last Saturday my cousin’s funeral was held. He died from ALS, and that disease can burn in hell.
  6. This time last year I was thinking I might still make it to Spring Training. Oh how that outlook would change.
  7. I tried my hardest to get the murder hobos’ rogue to eat the pickled cookie he palmed. Alas, those hijinks will have to wait.
  8. I’m making plans for some cameo’s in the Howlmark after-story. These will actually help explain some of the weirder points of that adventure, and highlight the part of the bigger narrative.
  9. Wandavision is wonderful, freaky, and strange. It’s pretty dang amazing.
  10. So this March brings allergies, headaches from pressure changes 2, and continued CoVid-19 concerns. Joy.
  11. Both sets of grandparents will be vaccinated by Easter. This makes me happy.

  1. He wants to open a restaurant. 
  2. The kind where your brain is desperate to get you to just lie down.