Random Thoughts #64


There is nothing wrong with your browser. In this space I control the words you see. I control the punctuation. I present the disconnect ramblings reaching into your consciousness. You have reached, the random thoughts.

  1. Can someone make the trees not be so mean to me, please? My allergies are off the chart.
  2. I don’t trust people who take themselves seriously.
  3. I’m approaching my one year anniversary of resigning from ABCNJ. Or, as I like to put it, “One March ago.”
  4. Please don’t fall for nonsense that exists only to destroy what few healthy social bonds this country has. Get the blasted vaccine.
  5. I’m 48 years old–and either I can still spot a “cool kids table” a mile away, or I’m continuing to deal with old trauma. Both could be true, I suppose.
  6. This morning my prayer was that I not hold Central back. This is probably something all pastors should pray from time to time.
  7. I forgot to brew coffee for two this morning. So another press will be made.
  8. The Snyder Cut was… meh. Rewatching B5, on the other hand, makes the $15 buck I spent on HBO Max worth it 1.
  9. Since forgetting to brew enough coffee for two means I have to make more coffee. Did I really forget or is this my subconscious playing with me?
  10. I’m pretty sure people who take themselves don’t trust me, either. So it all balances out.

  1. If you have never watched through Babylon 5, it’s worth the time. The first season and a half are rough, but when it gets its footing it’s amazing.