Random Thoughts #73


On Wednesdays I like to gift people with a short joy ride around the twisted outskirts of my brain. This is random thoughts.

  1. Things are getting “back to normal.” For me this includes both attending and presiding over funerals.
  2. Old school role-playing is brutal. On a test run one first time player lasted one combat round before being knocked out of the fight 1.
  3. I saw a picture of the Ocean City boardwalk over the weekend and just about cried. I think I may just have to take a mental health day and head down there for some quiet time and photographs.
  4. I cannot stress enough how disgusted I am with the anti-vaccine misinformation campaign, and the Christians who are vectors for its viral spread.
  5. There is no intrinsic human right to not be uncomfortable.
  6. There is a intrinsic human right to not be abused 2.
  7. I find it both fascinating and disheartening when I encounter people who both assume Central is hoarding money and that I have dictatorial powers. The “solutions” to their incorrect assumptions often try and take “churches” down a few pegs, and I keep trying to let people know we’re several rungs below where they want us to be. I despise megachurch grifting more than the most ardent atheist.
  8. Central needs to grow to blossom. This is difficult because I can’t stomach corporate-style “church growth” strategies that remain popular. They’re nothing more than repackaged branding exercises–when I read them I think I might as well be selling collectable plates or some such nonsense. But making up a “how does this bizarro group of people invite other bizarro people to be bizarro followers of Jesus alongside us?” strategy takes a long time 3.
  9. Never look at what someone else is going though and think it means you aren’t allowed to be stressed or burnt out. You aren’t them, and they are not you.
  10. For most of my life, when given binary options by people my brain has penciled in “none of the above.”

  1. Both players and GM’s have to adjust for the less cinematic nature of old school games. 
  2. Sometimes I think people get confused about #5 and #6. They roll the former into the latter, the latter into former, or take #5 at a license to be cruel so they end up ignoring #6. Humanity can be really twisted. 
  3. And “assimilation” is what the Borg do.