Basic Fantasy Begins


Last night my party began their Basic Fantasy RPG adventure. The characters arrived in the town of Sindor, on a yet to be named continent, and I had to maneuver them to meet up. Sindor is in an area just North of the local capital, nestled aside the river which serves as the major trade route between the human lands to the South, and the Dwarven and Elvish nations to the North. In this area the three races exist in peaceful cooperation, which is a unique situation in this world.

The adventure began when two characters, both elves, arrived in town off a boat looking for a friend of theirs and asking for directions to the temple of Derronar Truesilver. They were answering a call from their friend to join an adventuring party but, little known to them, their friend is a town laughing stock.

They got directions from a warehouse worker, who found their goal most amusing. As they made their way to the temple another character, a dwarf thief who has serious trust issues and had just be caught stowing away on a cross-ocean voyage, got dumped on the wharf near the other characters just as they were passing by. He heard what they were up to and decided to follow them from a distance. He was broke so he liked the sound of earning gold.

As he attempted to follow the other characters, however, he failed to move silently and ended up getting in front of a woman who started shouting at him to get out of the way 1. So, of course, the other characters noticed him. I expected them to talk here, but they didn’t. Instead, one kept going to the temple while the other tried to hide in shadows to see what this guy wanted. And he rolled awful for hiding so I conveyed that this elf stepped on a chicken, who issued some loud squawking. This left the elf staring at the dwarf in an awkward moment. But instead of talking the dwarf decided to run off.

So the elf just caught back up with her friend.

They met their friend, who is a not-very-well-liked cleric at Derronar Truesilver’s temple, and because it was 11AM he took his friends out for beers to go over their plans. On their way the aforementioned dwarf thief noticed the group and ducked into a tavern 2, which is where the other characters were going.

After a couple of beers the two elves got the low down on why their friend was bringing them together, and then the cleric decided to get up and preach a sermon to the bar patrons to try to persuade them to sign on with his crew. And, as one might expect, failed. The dwarf thief, on the other hand, said, “What the hell?” and joined up.

So the dwarf thief joined the party, and the dwarf cleric has been buying him equipment 3 while saying, “I’ve got a good feeling about you.” Yet, up to this point in the adventure, the cleric has yet to ask the dwarf thief his name.

The cleric then went back to his temple to report his success at finding a crew, interrupting the evening offering in the process, and returned to meet with the party. As he noticed they were rather tipsy he pulled out the Book of Latter Day Dwarves and started reading it to the others. At this point he was chasing away the other patrons and the tavern owner asked them to move off to a corner.

The next day the party got up, crossed the river, and headed to the area where monster sightings had been reported. They explored the area, but aggravated a large bear in the process. They did everything right in terms of tactics, surrounding the bear and trying to stay out of melee range, but rolled terribly. The cleric suffered a swipe from the bear 4, and the others shot arrows at it which kept missing. In the second round of combat they party finally got a hit on the bear, and managed to do one point of damage. This was enough to break the morale of the bear, however, and it ran off. Now the party is going to make their way back to down to heal up, and the cleric has a story to tell. So it’s a win all around.

This is going to be a lot of fun.

  1. She said something to the effect of, “What’s the dancing around then? Do you think you’re some sneaky thief? Get out of my way!”  ↩
  2. The Drunken Fish.  ↩
  3. Like thieve’s tools. The thief is not well–prepared  ↩
  4. I am thankful the second missed.  ↩

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