The Marauders Strike Again


Last Friday I recounted the story of how the Bearfoot Marauders came together as a party. Last night we had our second session… and things were interesting. The party marched back to town 1 and made their way back to The Drunken Fish just as darkness was setting in. The party was greeted as people of significant, and Finwhat muttered, “OK, we are not telling them we only hit a toe.” Gibeon, who had been brought down to two hit points in their bear encounter, entered the main room and was treated with something he wasn’t used to—respect. The dwarf was not, however, able to enjoy this respect because he was in shock 2. While people patted him on the back, Gibeon just stared off into space.

It turns out the bear the party confronted is known as “Old Sally,” and she’s been known to, well, eat people. Anyone who survives an encounter with the bear is considered either brave or very luck because, “She’d bite yer face off just asoon as lookatcha!”

As the crowds gave the party some space Finwhat sat at that bar and said, “What are we doing? We’re terrible at this.”

At that moment the Bearfoot Marauders became spiritual kin to the Mystery Men.

There was much fun the rest of the night. As Gibeon recuperated, Finwhat headed to the local potion shop to get some healing potions 3, and the next day the group headed to the library to see if they could find out any information about the old forest that might give them some clues to what had emerged in the woods. This led to an awkward moment when Garrett, who is not a pillar of stability, decided he wanted to marry the librarian. Nitro had to escort him from the library before the guards got called, and soon after the rest of the party was “encouraged” to leave 4.

The group is bit of a hot mess.

At any rate, armed with some knowledge that there were some ruins in the forest, the party headed back to where they’d encountered Old Sally 5, and proceeded to descend into a hole they discovered. The adventure proper had begun.

In their first foray into the underground lair the party triggered a trap 6, were freaked out by a skeleton lying on the floor in another room 7, and interrupted a group of kobolds as they ate a meal. When the door to the dining hall kicked open I rolled for surprise, and everyone passed except for Gibeon—who had to spend a combat round sputtering at the sudden appearance of monsters 8. The party rose to the challenge, however, and showed some good tactics as they tried to deal with the threat. Gibeon even managed to shake off his shock and marched into the room to face the creatures, whereupon he was stabbed by a sword 9. And that’s where we left things for the evening. The party was in a small room, they’d just defeated a group of Kobolds, and there were two doors they could take to proceed.

I can’t wait to see what they do next.

  1. Avoiding random encounters on the five hour trek.  ↩

  2. These players are doing a great job shaping their characters.  ↩

  3. Annoying the potion maker in the process.  ↩

  4. Two things on this. First, I think “annoying people” is going to be the running theme of this party. Second, while the librarian moment was good role–play which fit an unstable character it’s the type of thing I need to be careful about. Too many women experience these types of random unstable folks in real life. If we had a woman at the table I probably wouldn’t have permitted it in the first place and will try to redirect stuff like this in the future. The unstable nature of the character is established, we’ll find other ways to explore it.  ↩

  5. Missing random encounters again, dang it.  ↩

  6. No one bothered to look for it.  ↩

  7. This was a scare tactic, there was nothing in the room.  ↩

  8. This was perfect, as it fit how the character had already been played!  ↩

  9. Healing potion to the rescue! But, wow, Gibeon is a Natural 20 magnet.  ↩