Random Thoughts #78

On Wednesdays I enjoy subjecting readers to the inescapable mire that is my brain. These are random thoughts.

  1. Scrivener is wonderful. If you write, I recommend it.
  2. I’m hoping to record an encounter sample with some of my Basic Fantasy RPG players this evening. It’ll be my DM Tales for this week 1.
  3. When the Sun begins beating on the front of the house, the AC could be set to 50 and my bedroom would still be hot. When you’re sitting directly below the roof it’s just reality.
  4. The delta variant is here, and people still refuse to get vaccinated. I’m tired of it, get the freaking shot.
  5. It’s odd to me that I know people who have never heard me sing. If you want insight into my core being, beyond the use of simple words, that’s me when I sing.
  6. We knew the Phillies bullpen was terrible. But, really?
  7. My wife and I had a date last Saturday. That was very nice 2.
  8. You know how your mind switches gears the week before a vacation, and you find it difficult to focus? That’s been me for a month.
  9. I could write a sermon, schedule five visits, take care of multiple essential tasks, and check off the bulk of my to do list in the morning. If I do these things before I get a shower my brain will insist I haven’t worked yet.
  10. The rogue in the Monday Murder Hobos keeps daring the dice to kill him. And the dice keep failing. It’s a bit embarrassing, to be honest.

  1. I mean, it’s free. Go download it. 
  2. I also got one of the funniest text messages I’ve ever gotten in the process. 

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  1. Grace Scarle says:

    #5, me too.

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