Random Thoughts #80


I’m not posting much while I’m on Sabbatical, but I feel compelled to surface long enough in order to subject readers to the jumble that is my mind. This is random thoughts.

  1. I make acquaintances with ease. Friends are another matter, though, because that’s a whole other level of openness. But once someone is a friend I’m all in.
  2. I love being able to control the AppleTV from my iPad.
  3. Bump loves to dance, it’s fun 1.
  4. I missed the apocalypse sunset last night, that kinda bummed me out 2.
  5. It seems like half the world is on fire, and the other half is under water. Can we please agree that climate change is a real thing which needs to be deal with.
  6. Dear death cultists. You suck.
  7. I’m very glad for the extra time off this Summer. I only felt like I was “off” at the end of the second week. I’m still not feeling “away.”
  8. I do miss not being on my treadmill desk to write, but I’m doing my best to stay out of the church building even for things I enjoy 3.
  9. The Monday Murder Hobos lived up to their name this past week. Now I’ve got to think up some chase mechanics for 5e, complicated by certain… circumstances.
  10. The cleric in the Bearfoot Marauders, Gibeon Starfall, has yet to ask the thief what his name is. This is complicated by the fact that the better part of a week, game time, has now passed and he’s feeling a bit embarrassed by the situation. So Gibeon just refers to the thief as “good feeling,” because that’s what he said when he first met the emaciated and sullen dwarf, “I’ve got a good feeling about you!”

  1. And I get cardio. 
  2. Smoke from the wildfires out West made the Sun look like a red giant. 
  3. And failing at that, for the most part. 


  1. Aw, little kid dancing is the best! One of my favorite memories of Biff is him hop-dancing around, pointer fingers in the air and trusty blanket on his shoulder, to the song “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s. Bash will dance to his own tune, usually created by playing his armpits. 🙂 And Blondie? She’s in the “I’m on headphones listening to music and contemplating” stage, soooo no dancing for her, I guess. 😦 Hope you and your family are enjoying these little blessings! xxxxx

    1. wezlo says:

      It’s fun to watch.

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