Random Thoughts #82


It’s Wednesday, so grab your mental raft and take trip in the white water rapids that are my random thoughts.

  1. I have a difficult time trusting someone who is incapable of laughing at themself.
  2. Monday night’s D&D session was the most random and strange game I’ve ever played. It was amazing 1.
  3. I have really good friends.
  4. LumaFusion 3.0 is, by far, my favorite video editor.
  5. If I hear, “If the vaccines work then why…?” one more time I may go insane.
  6. One nice thing about setting an early alarm is having time in a quiet house.
  7. This year I have answered the question, “Is it possible to go on sabbatical and come back more stressed 2?”
  8. Why is it that, for many people, “Freedom of Speech” defaults to “If I want to be a horrible person then that’s my right, and FU for asking me to not be terrible 3?”
  9. I’m having a lot of fun running both a Dungeons & Dragons 5e and a old school game like Basic Fantasy RPG. They’re both fantasy role playing games, but they play style is different and I enjoy the different takes.
  10. L&M Donuts are delicious.

  1. And the Monday Murder Hobos didn’t actually kill anyone. 
  2. The answer is, “Yes.” 
  3. And “Christians” who take it this way are about the worst examples of this.