Random Thoughts #84


I have taken control of your feed in order to subject you with the random gamma waves emanating from my brain. These are random thoughts.

  1. When people point out that “the doctors don’t know” in regards to the virus, in a smug assertion that the ignorance of doctors is the same as their own ignorance, feel free to say, “It’s time to ski off Mount Stupid 1.”
  2. I dislike being in groups for extended periods of time. Particularly when I don’t have the energy to jump in and engage in a conversation.
  3. Twitter is a strange place, and there are a lot of lonely people on it just looking for genuine human connections. I’m both gratified that I’ve seen folks create healthy connections on it, amidst the cesspool no less, and horrified that there’s no space for these folks to find that connection in real life.
  4. A friend shared an image he took of someone with a ΛΩ tattoo, with the letters divided by the “chi-rho” symbol. When my friend pointed out those two Greek letters were lambda and omega, rather than the intended alpha and omega (ΑΩ), the man was rather non-committal. My friend also advised the man that it was an easy fix but he replied, “It’s close enough for me.” To me, this pretty much summarizes what American Christianity is all about. We think it looks “close enough,” but it’s just plain wrong.
  5. I really don’t want to go back into lockdown.
  6. To all those Christians who are burned out by what passes for Christianity in the US and have no desire to connect with a church again. May I offer the humble suggestion that you find a teeny “unsuccessful” congregation and just spend some time meeting folks? You may find a culture that’s every bit as toxic as the “success” oriented Christianity which burned you out, so this isn’t risk-free. But I do think you have a better chance of meeting folks who just want to find ways to love other folks, be loved by other folks, and honor God in those settings.
  7. The best response I’ve seen to the people trying to figure out who is to blame for the collapse of the state the US tried to prop up for twenty years in Afghanistan is, “Look in the mirror.”
  8. Bump’s into phonics. So that’s interesting.
  9. Decision fatigue is a thing. I’m at the point where, if a new stressor is introduced, I can’t even complete a sentence. I do not like this.
  10. My pastoral philosophy is to be of a “guide” than a “leader.” It’s not that I don’t lead, it’s that I reject the corporate business model for church, and that includes rejecting the notion of being a CEO.

  1. In case you don’t know where that comes from, it’s a reference to the Dunning-Kruger Effect. And there’s your footnote, LaRosa.