Random Thoughts #85


Grab your boogie board and dive into the chaotic surf that is my brain. These are random thoughts.

  1. This week I saw a video of a woman claiming to follow God only, and she referenced the parable of the sheep and the goats. And then said she was a goat, because she’s not a sheep. I can’t make this stuff up 1.
  2. The Phillies were relevant for a couple of weeks. That was fun for a bit.
  3. I have the potential to get lost in my frustration and become a serious troll. I do not like this about myself.
  4. Any time I encounter someone who begins with, “I’m not political, I don’t watch the news” I know I’m about to be hit with the far-right propaganda machine.
  5. I think I aged ten years in the last year and a half, and may age another decade over the next six months.
  6. If I am forced to choose between snow and humidity, I choose mid-October.
  7. Beware the PCs. Especially when you introduce an important character from your novels to the campaign and canonize their antics to said character’s development.
  8. I got my first 1000 view video on DM Tales this week, and got to ninety-nine subscribers. I’ll take a small victory right now.
  9. My favorite thing about Tabletop Role Playing Games is the hijinks when players go way out into left field. Second, I enjoy tension-filled exploration. Third, combat. Combat heavy sessions are boring.
  10. Why am I furious with antivaxxers? Because they’re helping prolong the pandemic and I’m tired of almost being able to see “at risk” folks, only to have the visit cancelled at the last minute because of new Covid cases. No, it’s not 100% effective, but it helps break the chain of transmission and reduces the chance for variants to spring up.

  1. This is the video link, the fun begins around 3:40: https://youtu.be/Vr3ZNvv0aco