Random Thoughts #86

Let me welcome you, the reader, into the degrading orbit in with the satellite constellation around my brain flies. These are random thoughts.

  1. When you are making a video, remembering to put on the glasses with the anti-glare coating is a good idea 1.
  2. I missed writing my random thoughts on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday. Family rhythm is way off.
  3. It really is true. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.
  4. I’ve encountered some interesting people in the Tabletop Role Playing spaces on both Twitter and Facebook. There are some misanthropes who have the social graces of fleas, but they are a minority.
  5. It says something about the collective Philly area mentality that folks saw the Vine Street Expressway filled with water and thought, “Hey, we’re Venice!” The storm was terrible, lives were lost, the clean up will be going for a while and the disruptions beyond that. But we showed we know how to roll with it.
  6. The Phillies have won six straight. At this point they’re just toying with us.
  7. Waking up to temps below 60 is bliss.
  8. I’m a creature of habit. The better I hold to certain rhythms in my schedule the better I’m able to flex and deal with detours. It’s been eighteen months of near zero rhythm, and that will be an accelerating reality the next six months or so 2.
  9. I continue to be amazed at how both progressives and reactionaries are shocked when they are called out for mistreating people. The “but were good people, and good people don’t do that” filter creates a good many blind spots 3.
  10. Yesterday I got my first print-on-demand book from DrivethruRPG in the mail. It’s a retro-clone of Gamma World called “Mutant Future” and it looks like a lot of fun.

  1. Though the glowing eye effect was kinda cool with the orange gels I was using. 
  2. In case anyone is wondering, this is one reason I started a YouTube channel during this mess. 
  3. And no, that is not a “both sides” argument about the efficacy of each ideology. It’s pointing out that, for a crap ton of people, professed ideology means absolutely nothing. I mean, look at what “Christians” are doing about masks and vaccines right now in the name of their professed religion.